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Turf Toolkit


The Turf Toolkit allows you to record and analyse turf health data including:• STIMP meter readings – Just take the measurements and the app will work out your averages for you. This information will be stored so that you can refer back to it. You can also create a chart to look at the consistency of your last 10 entries on any green. • Moisture readings – This feature allows you to record and analyse the root zone moisture, surface moisture, salinity and relevant weather information. You customise and save locations which allows you to analyse the consistency of the readings on a green or a specific location on that green again using a chart feature. • Grinding logs – This allows you to record when and how you ground your units last. You can also make notes on the entry if the blade needs replacing next time etc. • Cutting logs – The cutting log allows you to record which green you have cut, which cutting unit you used, the height of cut, the direction of cut and whether or not you ironed the green.• Mower setup – This feature of the app allows you to perfect your mower setup by giving you access to a range of manufacturer specifications on recommended top face and front face angles. You can also access OEM part numbers for bedknife and reel replacements. If you have Bernhard grinders in your workshop you can also identify part numbers and send a request to your distributor for these parts.